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2445 Bethany Road Sycamore, IL 60178 Call or Text: 815.200.MURC (6872)


Student-Athlete Membership Program

Our Philosophy:

We believe student athletes should have access to cutting edge-knowledge AND first rate coaching along the strength and conditioning spectrum.

We believe cookie cutter programs that stress numbers over movement quality and treat younger athletes like they are college or professional athletes are inappropriate and potentially dangerous.

We believe as parents, we have an obligation to keep our kids safe while presenting them opportunities to discover and improve upon their God-given athletic abilities.

We believe a positive, inspiring culture which emphasizes a sound mind in a strong body is the bed-rock for achieving success, not only in sports, but in the everyday game of life.

Our Program:

Because we believe these things, we offer a unique program designed for your student athlete(s).  The program is based on the principles of movement quality first. In other words, does every part of your body move like it should AND is the quality of the movement smooth and authentic?

To determine that, we have all of our athletes go through a Functional Movement Screen (FMS) looking for any asymmetries, flexibility or stability issues so we can address those imbalances before the season ending injury occurs!

Strength and conditioning exercises are coached and progressed with an eye on quality vs quantity.  We believe athletes need to master certain key fundamentals like:

  • Glute activation for explosive power
  • Core integration for proper execution sans energy leaks
  • Body-weight, ground-reaction forces and inertia control
  • Self-maintenance for supple muscles and joints
  • 5 Pillar Performances: Push; Pull; Level Change; Gait & Rotation

Our program can be adjusted in time and duration of sessions to meet your time and scheduling constraints. 

At any time an athlete has a tweak during their season, MURC's own Dr. Denny Kolkebeck, DPT can quickly work them into his schedule so they can get back to the sport and activities they love.

We can also work with the coaches and athletes of an entire team or club at their practice location to:

  • Generate sport specific and athlete specific strength and conditioning solutions
  • Dynamic warm-ups incorporating movement patterns
  • Design in-season and post-season training programs
  • Discuss performance nutrition
  • Teach post-practice and game recovery techniques

Please contact us for details.

Your Choice:

We are a private training club, that means we are able to choose who we want to train and work with. Our team chemistry and culture is highly important to us and we won’t let a few bad apples ruin it for the rest of our teammates.

Learning is a way of life at MURC.  It starts with knowing yourself.  Ask yourself:

  • Are you willing to learn and work without whining?
  • Will you commit to improving your grades in school?
  • Can you abstain from all forms of drugs and alcohol?
  • Will you do your best when you’re here?

Our core philosophy is a sound mind in a strong body; we’ll only work with those striving for the same.

Don’t be afraid to leave the athlete you are today behind, so you can become the one you were destined to be tomorrow!

You can fill out your application online and email it or contact us for more information.