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Athletic Performance and Speed of Sport

State Champs, College Athletes, and All-Around Great People!

One of our "Wall of Fame" celebrations of our athlete's accomplishments!

Speed of Sport is focused on developing fast, explosive steel springs!

Our training is designed for student-athletes looking for a competitive advantage in their chosen sport!

Maybe you're looking for speed?

  • Break-away speed on field
  • Base-running/stealing
  • 40 yard dash or 100m fly times
  • Faster X-Country or Track times!

Perhaps you want more explosive power?

  • More air on the court (aka vertical jump height)
  • Increased explosive speed with your bat
  • More zip on your serve, spike, throw, pitch, or kick

Just want to be strongerMore Athletic? More confident?

Team MURC has been getting local athletes onto varsity teams, into colleges, and just improving their confidence since 2010! 

Interested parents/athletes are welcome to swing in any time to check place out!

We offer three options for your athletes:

1. Class sessions: Athletes get better and have more fun when working alongside other athletes in a positive competitive environment!

You can schedule for either "Athletic Performance" or "Speed of Sport" by clicking on links near bottom of the page.

2. Semi-Private sessions: If you want a specific team or group of athletes (four or more) to train together, please contact us with specifics and we'll schedule based on coaching availability for desired day/time.

Price discounted based on size of group.

3.Training Program--if you have the place to train, but just need a coherent program to follow, contact us and we can build a program for you. 

Price varies based on length and level of customization--$100-$150

Athletic Performance Schedule:

Click here for various days/times- $25/session

Speed of Sport Training Training Slots:

(Click on link to find open times to schedule. If you have a couple athletes who want to lock in same time, please just contact us.)

Email questions to mooselupgym@gmail.com