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MURC Coaches

Dr. Denny Kolkebeck, D.P.T., O.C.S., C.M.T.P.T., H.S.P., K.T.C., C.S.C.S.:

Denny has been a “physical adventurer,” climbing, tumbling & training since conception. He is passionate about maximizing people’s health, empowering clients to perform better, & reach their God-given potential to excel in the game of life!

Dr. Kolkebeck has been both an orthopedic sports-medicine physical therapist & strength & conditioning coach for 25 years & wears both roles on his sleeve. He both teaches and attends numerous seminars and workshops looking to both share and learn whatever is useful. 

He works with all levels and types of athletes ranging from marathon runners to triathletes; power-lifters to Olympic weightlifters; cyclists to swimmers; football players to wrestlers; obstacle course racers to America's elite. He enjoys collaborating with coaches and athletes at every level and loves learning new insights.

Denny believes:

  • “Up-stream solutions” need to be the focus in both healthcare and performance
  • Food is medicine, and medicine is a side-effect waiting to happen
  • People need more sleep, more fluids, less stress, more movement, and more nutrient dense food!
  • Athletes need to work-on fundamental athleticism and individualized periodization
  • Young student-athletes need more fundamental work, sleep, real food, and LESS social media
  • Do the right thing, for the right reasons, right now
  • In the power of exercise, laughter & prayer

He applies these beliefs by:

  • promoting nutritional strategies supported by blood work
  • taking both a holistic & individualized approach with his athletes
  • building & promoting a culture at MURC of “mens sana in corpore sano”- a sound mind in a sound body
  • practicing what he preaches

While encouraging balance & moderation in life, Denny rarely experiences it himself. He enjoys participating in obstacle course races, scuba diving and barefoot running. He is married to a teacher who constantly corrects his grammar and has two wonderful children who will grow up to be smarter, stronger and wiser than him (not too hard to accomplish).

Denny is available for consultations and treatment for any tweaked or painful conditions needing a little physical therapy.  He's also available for individual or team coaching; workshops or presentations.


Todd Henson, CPT

Todd believes fitness has a profound impact on all other aspects of life. If we are physically strong, we are healthy and competent. With health and competence, we are able to see measurable progress and gain confidence in ourselves. In this age of over-scheduled lives, exercise is a much needed stress reliever. Coaching enables him to connect with clients in a personal way and to become invested in them and their aspirations.

Coaching Objectives:

Inspiring people to choose a life of continual improvement, through sustainable fitness and nutrition practices. To be sustainable, fitness must be simple, safe, and fun.

Working with athletes to help them prepare for the rigors of practice and competition, so they can avoid injury and achieve their sport-specific goals. As a coach, there is nothing more gratifying than watching the joy of an athlete who is reaching new heights.

An avid endurance athlete, Todd has completed many races, including four marathons and two obstacle course challenges. But his interests go beyond running. He also enjoys strength training, with a preference for body weight workouts that typically include some form of hanging, climbing, jumping, and being upside-down. 

Bonnie Stewart-Henson, CCC-SLP

Bonnie is a speech-language pathologist and has worked in acute, sub acute, long term and outpatient rehabilitation facilities for 9 years. She started Brain&Body classes at Moose(L)-Up after years of working as a speech therapist with middle aged to older adults She noticed the undeniable link between outcomes in cognitive performance and physical performance. She now uses her expertise from the field of cognitive rehabilitation and applies it to her coaching to promote awareness and improvement in mental performance and physical performance.  Bonnie's coaching style in the Brain&Body group is geared toward cognitive fitness and dementia prevention. She is also available for one on one training or therapy for populations looking for speech-language or cognitive rehabilitation (including post concussion, TBI, mild cognitive decline, Aphasia, and early stages of dementia). 

Bonnie offers semi-private coaching in her Body-weight and Flow sessions as she is a veteran student and participant of body-weight conditioning and yoga flow. She is in the certification process to become a registered yoga instructor, so stay tuned! Meanwhile check out available times for these sessions in our scheduling link on the homepage.

A condensed exercise and performance history: Bonnie has been a distance runner since elementary school and always had a knack for movement and exercise. She participated in track and field, basketball, volleyball, and badminton as a student. As an adult Bonnie continued to run and "play." She has completed 10 marathons, has been known to participate in obstacle races, and if you see her training at the gym she will likely be doing yoga, flow, or body-weight exercises named after animals. 

Ethan Wunner

Ethan Wunner is a junior at NIU majoring in kinesiology and will be pursuing a doctorate in physical therapy.

Ethan was a  soccer and track athlete at Sycamore High School and considers himself a life-long athlete.

As a performance coach,  Ethan looks forward to helping people reach their fitness goals with fundamental and achievable training systems!

Veronica "V" Woods

Veronica has always enjoyed being active since she was little. She is currently in her third year at NIU and she is studying kinesiology at NIU. Her passion has always been to help others. When she was in high school she organized a workout class with other athletes to help their peers and other athletes release stress, stay active in their busy schedules, and achieve their fitness goals. She also spent time with middle schoolers and junior high students who were remotely learning to stay active by providing them with daily physical activity. She also enjoys training family and friends.  She believes that staying physically active not only improves your physical health but also your mental health. The most rewarding parts about being a coach is seeing athletes achieving their goals and helping athletes reach their potential, and inspiring athletes to keep pushing forward and staying positive no matter what curve ball life throws your way. Coach V stays active by doing yoga, lifting, and biking. She also enjoys HIIT workouts and body weight workouts.