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Strength and Conditioning Internship Program

Program Description

An internship at Moose(L)Up Redemption Club (MURC) will present you with the opportunity to experience hands-on, individualized coaching with as many as 10 athletes per day.  Under the supervision of our qualified staff of strength & conditioning coaches, you will have the chance to coach high school and middle school athletes while becoming more familiar with the intricacies of assessment and program design. With time, interns are given increased responsibility, progressing from observation to full control of all aspects of a session.

As a MURC intern, you will have the opportunity to compliment your hands-on learning experience with participation in our our Coach’s Corner training program, which focuses on continuing education in a classroom-style learning environment.  You will be invited to attend our staff meetings where we discuss specific topics, schedules, etc. We work closely with our internship participants to develop coaching, assessment and program-design skill sets to compliment career aspirations within the fitness industry. In short, we expect our interns to leave MURC being able to assess clients and write training programs better than the majority of personal trainers in the country.

We encourage interns to actively think about how they can leverage their personal skills and interests to make MURC a better place.

All interns are provided with MURC logo apparel, and will be granted free participation in any seminars/mentorships hosted here at our facility during your time with us.


A MURC Intern must:

  • Possess a passion for fitness and a thirst for knowledge
  • Be eager to learn and accept constructive criticism
  • Be comfortable interacting with athletes and their parents
  • Present yourself in a professional manner that will reinforce your status as a role model for impressionable young athletes
  • Demonstrate competency in assessment, program design, and training techniques
  • Perform promotional and marketing tasks as needed on social media, web site, and print media.
  • Seek out opportunities to help out with day-to-day back office tasks (organizing, cleaning, restocking, etc)
  • Have reliable transportation to/from the gym each day
  • Sign a confidentiality letter committing to protecting client’s privacy on-line and in public discourse.

If you are such a person and wish to apply for this program, please submit the following to Coach Todd Henson via email todd.henson@comcast.net by the application deadline listed below:

  1. Your full name, address, and contact info
  2. The semester for which you are applying
  3. Brief (less than 500 words) description of why you want to be an intern at MURC
  4. Resume
  5. 3 professional references

We reserve the right to interview prospective interns for potential fit with MURC team.


MURC internships are scheduled according to academic semesters and summer vacation. Interns are asked to work approximately 25-30 hours per week throughout the duration of their program.

Fall Semester           August - December

Spring Semester      January - May

Summer                   May - August