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Favorite Exercise? 
Barbell back Squat, in a rack with a mirror.

Guilty Pleasure?
Overeating and falling asleep.

Favorite Movie(s) or TV series?
Mash, Seinfeld, Modern Family, Big Bang Theory

What was a defining moment(s) in your life?
Births of my children. Being a father.

If you could be any superhero, who would you be?

What's your spirit animal? Or, if Harry Potter fan, what animagus would you choose?
Owl. I don't care much for Harry Potter, just a regular owl.

If work/school, and other obligations were cast aside, what would you do?
Travel the US in a class C or B motor home to endurance bicycling events.

Most influential book?

If you could play a, "re-do" card on any event in your life, what would it be?
Obtain a bachelor's degree.

Most embarrassing moment to date?
I'm not telling anyone that wasn't there, it's embarrassing.

If you were a fighter pilot, what would your call sign be?
I prefer both feet closer to the ground, but certainly NOT goose.

What is something you do or a belief you hold, that others think you're crazy for?
My wife probably has a list somewhere.

Best advice you ever got?
Never forget to keep breathing.

Worst advice you ever got?
"We won't need sunscreen."

Life Motto?
Live and die well.

If you could send each individual in the world a message, what would it be?
Remember patience. Be charitable or kind. If neither are achievable, then just don't intentionally be bothersome.