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Favorite Exercise? 

Guilty Pleasure?
Guilty pleasure is a misnomer. If it gives me pleasure, I'm happy, therefore feel no guilt

Favorite Movie(s) or TV series?
Movie: Rear Window, a Hitchcock classic
TV Series: Longmire

What was a defining moment(s) in your life?
Everyday brings a chance for a defining moment. We need to be able recognize it and seize it. Examples: Becoming a father, marriage, conversely divorce, rediscovering myself, finding that is ok to lower the walls and let love in again. Everyday, Seize that freakin' Diem!

If you could be any superhero, who would you be?
Captain America

What's your spirit animal? Or, if Harry Potter fan, what animagus would you choose?
Moose Totem

If work/school, and other obligations were cast aside, what would you do?
Live in the mountains in West Virginia

Most influential book?
"The Men the Mission and Me" by Peter Blaber

If you could play a, "re-do" card on any event in your life, what would it be?
Choice of college and major

Most embarrassing moment to date?
Accidentally spraying an instructor with O.C. spray at SWAT training. He was not amused. Everyone else laughed.

If you were a fighter pilot, what would your call sign be?
Moose, of course

What is something you do or a belief you hold, that others think you're crazy for?
Re-purposing abandoned military facilities to house, treat and rehabilitate homeless vets and employing them as a workforce to rebuild and strengthen this country's crumbling infrastructure. These are highly trained individuals whose skills (paid for by taxpayer money) are unique, priceless and very much needed. At these facilities, they can be provided medical treatment, nutritional and physical needs and further their education. Most importantly, they can get back their self worth and sense of purpose. They joined the military for a reason. It is our duty to show them their decision was not made in vain.

Best advice you ever got?
Learn the janitor's name 

Worst advice you ever got?
You should major in business

Life Motto?
Always move forward

If you could send each individual in the world a message, what would it be?
Own your s***. All else will follow.