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Peak Fitness--Adults

Peak Fitness is a Moose(L)-Up program designed for adults of all fitness levels that want to look good and feel good without the stress (of having to plan a workout and how to use the equipment) that can come with a commercial gym.

We can meet your needs in one-hour sessions.

Training will be fun, dynamic, and leave you feeling more confident, stronger, and energetic.

With our full-body functional training approach, you will improve your balance and physique as well.

We offer a variety of different ways to participate in our fitness programs. 

One-On-One Session - $50/ Session

The first session is a 1-hour private assessment between you and one of our excellent coaches.

We don't just look at your weight and BMI… we take a multifaceted approach to your overall wellbeing to achieve LONG-TERM results!

Semi-Private Session -  $25/ Session

Do you have another friend or two that wants to have fun, get sweaty, and stronger?

Text or email us to set up a time!

Group Session - $15/ Session

Do you have three or more friends who want to move and groove with you? 

Text or email us to set up a time.

Online - $150

For those who just need a plan to follow.