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Have you given up on being pain-free?

“Why live with pain and limitations?”

You Know:

  •  You want to get back to moving and grooving pain-free RIGHT now!
  • Your time is valuable and limited.
  •  You want all the attention you deserve.

How Denny can help you:

Top to Bottom Posture and Movement Analysis

  • Your tweaks are like victims of crime. They call the police, but the criminals are hiding elsewhere.

  • By finding your imbalances, the true “criminals” creating your tweaks are corrected.

Hands-On Approach

  • Exercise can only get you so far. Some demons need to be excised by using the power of touch and or some "tools" to free up what’s stiff. 

Custom Solutions

  • Your body’s current status, capacity, and life demands are unique.

  • Specific solutions and plans of action will respect that.

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"Leg felt awesome tonight on squats and zero pain when I drive now. Hasn't felt this good in 3-4 months!"


"First time I've come into a college season completely healthy! Most of my health is thanks to you."


"Thank you Denny for taking care of me yesterday. I slept for the first time in weeks with no knee pain waking me up. Thank You!


"Here I am under eight months post achilles tear walking at 100% and quickly gaining back my running form and ability.  I can’t thank you enough for not only treating my physical state, but more importantly helping conquer any demons of self doubt."


"I wanted to let you know I did a half on Sunday and had a PR of 1:25.27! I ended up going faster (6:31/mile) than I thought I could or really intended, but I felt good so went with it. I'm thinking my "A" goal of 2:56.30 is in reach.

Thanks for all the pointers and mostly helping keep my body from falling apart!"


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