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Yoga by Bonnie at Moose(L)-Up

Sunday Salutations (1 hr. class, Sundays at 8:30am)

Start your Sunday with a relaxing flow focused on gentle mobility, balance work, and flexibility with breath work. Each practice will include a gentle sequencing with multiple beginner to intermediate poses and modifications to fit the flow you need on your Sunday morning. Deepen each pose or “asana” with breath work to build awareness and physical autonomy. This practice will strengthen your mind and your body, leaving you rejuvenated for maximum Sunday relaxation and enjoyment.

Monday Motivation (1 hr. class, Mondays 6:00am)

Start your week with movement that will encourage mindfulness for the upcoming days. This class will offer a set intention for your week to motivate you, body and mind. Monday Motivation is a traditional vinyasa flow class including poses to increase range of motion, flexibility, balance, and breath work with easy to moderate transitions. Modifications for intermediate level poses will be offered so all levels are welcome to move with us and benefit from this yoga practice. Those who participate are encouraged to assess your body’s needs and abilities on that given Monday and to adjust this flow to serve your best interest as you begin your week.

Hard Rock Hump Day Flow (1 hr. class, Wed. 6:00am, 7:00pm)

Release midweek stress and energize the body as you push toward the weekend with this vinyasa flow class set to movement-motivating music. This is a high intensity practice meant for low impact cardio benefits while detoxing the body in poses and movements that encourage muscle endurance, stability, and mobility. Modifications to poses and transitions are offered in class and upon request. It is recommended that you have some experience in yoga practice of any kind as sequences may be practiced with a steady pace using occasional breath-to-movement flow pacing.

FriYay Flow (1 hr. class, Fridays 6:00am)

Take a deep breath and EXHALE! You made it to Friday! FriYay Flow celebrates accomplishment with an energetic vinyasa flow encouraging length in your poses, balance in your transitions, and release from the work week. Using a combination of breath work and focused exhales to detox your mind and body within transitions and poses, this class will set you up for feeling free and energetic for the weekend. So, take a deep breath and find length, find energy, find strength…now exhale and “let it go!” -It’s FriYay Flow.

Mindful Minutes
(by appointment only)

This is the ultimate muscle endurance challenge within a Vinyasa flow practice. This yoga practice will include minute long holds in specific poses during a Sun A and Sun B flow to challenge your muscle endurance. This is a challenging class for both mind and body to focus on muscle engagement and stability through 60 seconds of challenging stillness during select poses. Modifications will be given by request. Each class will include the same flow sequence and timed holds so we can measure our gains each time we practice Mindful Minutes together. Due to the physical demand of Mindful Minutes, classes will be scheduled by appointment only. Classes must include a minimum of 2 people and a maximum limit of 6 people. Contact Bonnie via email at 1bonniestewart@gmail.com or call/text to 610-999-8081 to schedule a group class.