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2445 Bethany Road Sycamore, IL 60178 Call or Text: 815.200.MURC (6872)


Redemption: the act of redeeming, to be free from what distresses or harms, to change for the better, to repair and restore.


MURC is an expression of an idea: hone a sound mind within a strong body. Training is simply a means to an end: character, commitment, and confidence. Traits critical to success in life. 

We view healthy, good living as a holy endeavor—a pursuit worthy of our best efforts to eat clean, train smart, learn new skills, balance our inner struggles and support each other in our goals.

Where you train is your choice… what we care about is HOW you train! Part of the “redemption” our club offers is the opportunity to finally learn how your body works, what you should be doing more of and what you should stop doing altogether!

“Training is the physical expression of one’s inner self.”  – Bruce Lee


We seek to associate with individuals who have a passion for self- improvement and a desire to perform and feel better than previously thought possible. Our teammates share a sense of drive, passion and willingness to learn and grow. Our Team strives to be the best athletes in the game of life, celebrating milestones, personal events and victories!


Confidence speaks volumes. We offer an attitude and promote a lifestyle that reflects positive self-worth and an understanding that breaking personal barriers fuels great performances in life.

You do NOT need to be in Iron-Man Shape before you venture into our waters. You do NOT need to be willing to flip tires and do exercises that make for interesting youtube videos.

Our Team is comprised of runners & working moms, fitness enthusiasts & business professionals, triathletes & cyclists, civil servants & servicemen.  Character & attitude is what counts, the rest can be learned!

“If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined,
he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours”   -Henry David Thoreau

How MURC Can Help You:

1. Full Membership: Teammates will have 24/7 access to gym and will have access to monthly hands on work shops and social events. You have the opportunity to display your hard earned racing bibs, medals, pictures or other memorabilia on our “Perseverance Wall,” and you’ll have a chance to contribute and utilize our internal network of unique strengths and skills possessed by each of our teammates. 

2. Athletic Excellence: Making sure our junior high and high school athletes learn the proper fundamentals and build a solid foundation of athleticism is one of our passions! Our motto is “a sound mind in a strong body.” Our athletes learn how to be excellent both on the field and in life while being exposed to our culture of goal-setting and achievement.  Choose from our Student-Athlete Program and our Speed Of Sport offerings--yes, you can do both!


3. Physical Therapy Solutions: Why live with pain, limitations, and a proclivity to be grumpy when you can be free from what burdens you?  Let's get you restored quickly so you can get back to moving and grooving and feel empowered to prevent future tweaks. Dr Denny Kolkebeck, DPT, CMTPT, OCS, CSCS, etc has made it his life's work to get people better, faster and to do so by any means necessary...not as scary as it sounds!


4. Coaching: As we say, “We don’t care where you train… we care about HOW you train!” Whether you belong to a different facility, train at home or just want some guidance before taking on an obstacle race, we are your resource for learning what you need to know. 1:1 coaching sessions are $45 and can include: Functional Movement Screens, coaching on specific lifts, program tweaking and “check-ups.”


Special Areas of Coaching Excellence:

Tweaked Athletes: All of us are subject to the law of: “Whatever makes us stronger, also wears us down.” If you’re a veteran athlete, runner, lifter or fitness enthusiast who is looking for a way to reclaim some of your former glory, let us help you find solutions to keeping your motor in drive.

 Program Design: Having solid directions to follow can mean the difference between arriving to your destination on time and in great condition vs being broken down and waiting for Triple A (i.e., orthopedic physician). A solid strength and conditioning program can be designed ranging from 4-20 weeks and customized to your specific needs based on both the events you are training for as well as your current “starting point.” No cookie cutters will be used! Programs ranging from 4-10 weeks cost $150 and for 12-20 weeks cost $250.

MURC Values: 

  • Character
  • Stewardship
  • Humility
  • Passion and Determination
  • Learning as a Way of Being
  • Embrace and Drive Change

Our “Code”

  • Recognize every day is an opportunity to improve
  • Constantly learn as a way of being.
  • Share your knowledge and expect to be taught in return.
  • Speak truthfully and listen to others perspectives. You will never get better by being told how great you are. Sometimes the truth can hurt.
  • There is a time and place for BS. This is not that place.
  • Being here is a privilege, not a right. 
  • Make decisions demonstrating you know right from wrong.
  • Be a trustworthy peer, for the day will come when you will need help. 
  • Stay Driven!
  • Never be finished.

“I hope to always desire more than I can achieve.”   -Michelangelo